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ActiveCampaign Automation Setup: Deliver your Lead Magnet On Autopilot

Lead magnets are powerful tools for serious entrepreneurs. You give something of value (e.g. your lead magnet) and your website visitor gives you their email address in return.

But how do you set up ActiveCampaign so you can deliver your lead magnet on autopilot? Well, this is what you’re going to find out in today’s blog post!

ActiveCampaign automated lead magnet delivery tutorial

I’ve created an in-depth tutorial on the entire process. Check out the video below:

Creating a form in ActiveCampaign is easy. But before you begin, it’s best to have a plan in place. As you can see in the video [1:38 mark], I created a visual example of the steps you need to take, like so:

create your automated lead magnet delivery process in activecampaign

I encourage you not to put the lead magnet on your ‘Thank You’ page. Get people to check their inbox and download it there. This way, they start getting used to seeing your name in their inbox!

Next, create a form in ActiveCampaign. Give it a name, choose the form style, then select the Action you want to take.

create a form in activecampaign to deliver your lead magnet on autopilot

Once your form is created, you can then place it on LeadPages or your Elementor website.

The last step is to start a delivery flow. You’ll need to create an automation first. For instance, when someone fills out your form, the next step in the automation process is triggered, like so:

activecampaign delivery flow

As you can see in the video, I created a toolkit with my overview sheet for all my lists, tags, custom fields, template and delivery automation.

You can download this FREE ActiveCampaign Expert Toolkit here: https://go.rogier.live/activecampaign-toolkit/

Can’t wait to deliver your lead magnet on autopilot?

Your lead magnet offers a lot of value to your subscribers. Thankfully, setting up a simple ActiveCampaign automation is relatively simple enough. Follow the steps I outlined above to start delivering your lead magnet on autopilot!   

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