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ActiveCampaign Tutorial 2019: First steps after sign-up

Online entrepreneurs need to take email marketing seriously. In digital marketing circles, you’ll often hear people say “the money is in the list.” By list, they mean email list. However, a one-size-fits-all email list isn’t as effective as a segmented email list. And this, my friends, is where ActiveCampaign truly shines. In this ActiveCampaign tutorial, I’ll show you how can use this powerful software to segment your list the right way.

ActiveCampaign tutorial on segmenting your list

If you don’t have an ActiveCampaign account yet, click here to try it for free: https://rogier.live/goto/activecampaign

After signing up, watch my video tutorial below so you can take control of ActiveCampaign and use it to your advantage:

ActiveCampaign isn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill email marketing platform. If you just want to send email blasts and newsletters to people, then any other email marketing software will do. But if you want to send your subscribers something they really want to see, then segmentation is the way to go.

When done correctly, segmenting your email list will help you get more engaged subscribers. Eventually, this will lead to more profits and sales for your business!

That said, before we move on to the next (and most important) stage of this tutorial, download my free ActiveCampaign contact framework here: https://rogier.live/goto/contactframework

Here’s a screenshot:

Download Rogier.live's free contact framework so you can follow along with this ActiveCampaign tutorial

Let me introduce you to the 3 segmenting options in ActiveCampaign:

  1. Lists. This is a list of people who have opted to receive emails from you. If you own more than one website, you can create a list for each site.
  2. Tags. A tag basically works like a sticky note which you add to your contacts. It helps you identify your subscribers based on their interests or activities they did on your website.
  3. Custom fields. If you want to get even more granular control over your list, then custom fields is the way to go. You can collect all sorts of personal data from your subscribers (as long as they’re willing to give you that info, of course).

Setting up your ActiveCampaign account like this will obviously take some time. I’m sharing my contact framework with you to hopefully make the entire process easier for you.


Send your subscribers content that actually matters to them. Make your emails relevant to every person on your list by using a combination of lists, tags and custom fields like I’ve shown in this ActiveCampaign tutorial.

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