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Zoom Webinars Review: Is This The Best Webinar Platform For Your Business?

Zoom’s popularity these days is unparalleled. With millions of people being advised to work from home due to the current pandemic, Zoom’s proven to be a dependable tool for online meetings. But is Zoom Video Webinars equally as useful to entrepreneurs who mostly use webinars for marketing and sales purposes? In this Zoom Webinars review, you’ll find out if this is indeed the best webinar platform for your business.

Check out my video review and quick demo of Zoom Webinar here:

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Here’s a summary of what I really liked – and didn’t like – about Zoom Webinars:

The Pros of Zoom Webinar

  • Very stable software

You can use the same Zoom meetings app to host (and attend) webinars. So, if you already have the app, it’s easy to get started right away. The interface will be familiar – and if you aren’t, it’s easy enough to navigate.

  • It’s got all the standard webinar features (and more)

Whatever webinar software you’re currently using right now, Zoom Webinar probably has it. All the standard webinar features like chat, Q&A, polling or survey, attendee raise hand are built-in. You can even promote attendees to panelists, if you so desire, so they can share their screens with other people, too.

  • Fast and easy setup

Starting your first webinar on Zoom is relatively simple. You can customize some (but not all) aspects of your webinar, which I think helps with a speedier setup process. For instance, the registration page and email settings can be customized to some degree, but you can’t totally make it your own. It might be frustrating for some, but if you’re just looking to host a quick webinar, then it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you.

  • Very easy to share online

You can invite panelists to your webinar. You can easily share your registration page to your audience. You can even livestream to Facebook Live, Workplace by FB, and YouTube (though you can only choose one, not all 3).

The Cons of Zoom Webinar

  • Lack of branding customization

You can customize some aspects of the landing page and the emails, but not all. I think it’s disappointing, especially if you’re using Zoom to market your products and services. You want people to recognize your brand as a professional, you don’t want Zoom’s branding on your content!

For instance, in the registration form, people will still see Zoom’s footer when they scroll down to the bottom of the page. It’s unfortunate that you can’t embed your registration form on your own site.

The same thing goes for emails. You can only customize the subject, the body (part of it) and the signature. I think it’s fine if you’re sending emails in English, but in my case, I want to send emails in my native Dutch. However, Zoom doesn’t allow me to edit the entire email, so I’ve got a mix of Dutch and English on my Zoom webinar emails.

  • Limited integrations

You will need to use Zapier to zap new registrations to ActiveCampaign or other email marketing software. For CRM integration, the only available option is Pardot, which is very limiting in my opinion.

Conclusion on my Zoom Webinars review

So, to sum up, I think Zoom Webinars is perfect for large teams or bigger corporations where they want to meet everybody online but not see everyone’s faces on screen. But for entrepreneurs who use webinars for marketing and sales, I don’t think Zoom Webinar is the right platform for you.

Personally, I prefer a webinar platform that will allow me to customize my branding, like WebinarJam. That said, give Zoom a try and let me know what you think about it!

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